May 15th

09:00h – 09:30h

Opening and Welcome (Henrique Madeira)

Invited Talk - Benchmarking Intrusion Detection Systems for Virtualized Environments at SPEC RG, Aleksandar Milenkoski

09:30h – 10:30h

Session #1 - Wireless Sensor Networks (Chair: Andreas Dittrich)

Enhancing Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Decision Trees, Alessia Garofalo, Cesario Di Sarno, Valerio Formicola

Middleware Support for Adaptive Real-time Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks, João Alves, Antonio Casimiro, Luís Marques

10:30h – 11:00h

Coffee Break

11:00h – 12:30h

Session #2 - Cloud Computing & Services (Chair: Johan Karlsson)

Formal Analysis of Dynamic Domain Establishment Protocol in Cloud Logging Service, Hu Wei, Ji Dongyao

Model-Driven Evaluation of User-Perceived Service Availability, Andreas Dittrich, Rafael Rezende

Exploiting SDN Approach to Tackle Cloud Computing Security Issues in the ATC Scenario, Antonio Marotta, Stefano Avallone, Vittorio Manetti, Gabriella Carrozza, Roberto Canonico

12:30h – 14:00h


14:00h – 15:30h

Session #3 - Testing & Fault Detection (Chair: Karama Kanoun)

Intercept - Profiling Windows Network Device Drivers, Manuel Mendonça, Nuno Neves

The Challenge of Detection and Diagnosis of Fugacious Hardware Faults in VLSI Designs, David de Andrés, Juan-Carlos Ruiz, Pedro Gil-Vicente, Jaime Espinosa

GraphSeq Revisited: More Efficient Search for Patterns in Mobility Traces, Pierre Andre, Nicolas Rivière, Hélène Waeselynck

15:30h – 16:00h

Coffee Break

16:00h – 18:30h

Visit to the historical part of the University of Coimbra

20:00h – 23:00h


May 16th

09:00h – 10:30h

Session #4 – Fast Abstracts (Chair: Andrea Ceccarelli)

GRIMACE: GeneRIc MetAmodel for Domain Component Modeling, Rahma Bouaziz

Improving the Transfer of Safety and Security Competences to Industry: the RISKY approach, Joaquín Gracia-Morán, Juan-Carlos Ruiz, Juan-Carlos Baraza-Calvo, Pedro Gil-Vicente, David de Andrés

Towards Dependable Measurements in Coastal Sensors Networks, Gonçalo Jesus, António Casimiro, Anabela Oliveira

Open Challenges in the Resilience Evaluation of Ad Hoc Networks, Miquel Martínez, Jesús Friginal, David de Andrés, Juan-Carlos Ruiz

Using Interleaving to Avoid the Effects of Multiple Adjacent Faults in On-chip Interconnection Lines, Luis J. Saiz-Adalid, Pedro Gil-Vicente, Joaquín Gracia-Morán, Juan-Carlos Baraza-Calvo

csXception - First Steps for Providing Fault Injection for the Development of Safe Systems in the Automotive Industry, Ricardo Barbosa, Nuno Silva, João Mário Cunha

10:30h – 11:00h

Coffee Break

11:00h – 12:30h

Session #5 - Fault Injection & Benchmarking (Chair: Juan Carlos Ruiz García)

Issues and Ongoing Work on State-Driven Workload Generation for Distributed Systems, Roberto Natella, Fabio Scippacercola

Towards Benchmarking of Functional Safety in the Automotive Industry, Mafijul Islam, Behrooz Sangchoolie, Fatemeh Ayatolahi, Daniel Skarin, Jonny Vinter, Fredrik Törner, Andreas Käck, Mattias Nyberg, Emilia Villani, Johan Haraldsson, Patrik Isaksson, Johan Karlsson

Fault Injection in the Automotive Standard ISO 26262: an Initial Approach, Ludovic Pintard, Jean-Charles Fabre, Karama Kanoun, Michel Leeman, Matthieu Roy

12:30h – 14:00h


14:00h – 16:00h

Session #6 - Dependable and Secure Computing (Chair: António Casimiro)

Understanding (Mis)information Spreading for Improving Corporate Network Trustworthiness, Roberto Baldoni, Silvia Bonomi, Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna, Luca Montanari, Mara Sorella

A GPS Spoofing Resilient WAMS for Smart Grid, Salvatore D’Antonio, Alessia Garofalo, Cesario Di Sarno, Luigi Coppolino

A Dependable Alternative to the Spanning Tree Protocol, João Lopes, Susana Sargento, André Zúquete

Software Component Replication for Improved Fault-tolerance: Can Multicore Processors Make It Work?, João Soares, João Lourenço, Nuno Preguiça

16:00h – 16:30h